WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show's best eating challenges

28 November 2020, 13:00

The Chris Moyles Show's best eating challenges
The Chris Moyles Show's best eating challenges. Picture: Radio X

Sit back and look at some of the funniest and most disgusting eating challenges to come from Chris Moyles and the team.

Chris Moyles absolutely loves a challenge, but he particularly likes it when he's challenging someone else to do it.

Over the years, The Chris Moyles Show has featured quite a few eating challenges. Whether they were disgusting or delicious, they were all absolutely hilarious.

Watch the likes of Dom, Pippa, James, Matt and Sam and very (occasionally Chris) chow down on everything from creepy critters to mouth-watering chicken wings in our countdown!

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  1. Sam is challenged to eat a WHOLE chocolate cake in 6 minutes

    Poor old Sam. Since he started on The Chris Moyles Show, he's been dared to eat the odd thing or two. This cake was one of the better challenges...

  2. Matt and Sam's chicken wing challenge part 1

    Both of Matt and Sam really like chicken wings, but Matt likes them a lot more.

  3. Dom eats jellied eels

    Poor Dom had to pretend to eat delicious jelly sweets when really he was tasting the cockney delicacy.

  4. Sam and Matt's chicken wing eating challenge part 2

    Matt and Sam decided to have a chicken wing challenge REMATCH. Did Sam manage to save face and make it a draw or did Matt regain his crown?

  5. Matt eats chicken feet

    Matt has proved himself to be an absolute chicken aficionado but he draws the line at chicken feet.

  6. Pippa eats a giant cockroach live on-air

    Poor Pippa! There's not much we can say here except what a TROOPER! This one makes for some pretty gruesome viewing.

  7. Toby eats fermented duck eggs

    There's only one thing worse than eating something that tastes horrific; eating something that smells just as bad! Toby was tasked with eating fermented duck eggs live on-air and he gave it a good go!

  8. Matt eats fermented fish

    Number one on the list goes to Matt's attempt to eat fermented fish. This video truly looks eye-watering and we don't blame Matt for not being able to swallow the Swedish delicacy. It made for some absolutely hilarious viewing though!

    BE WARNED: If you don't like the sound of retching, you won't like this!

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