WATCH: Andi Peters fell on live TV in Mongolia and Chris Moyles loved it

16 October 2019, 12:29

The team checked in with the daytime TV presenter, and couldn't stop reliving his gaff live on-air.

Chris Moyles absolutely loves Andi Peters, but he loves it even more when Andi Peters falls flat on his face.

So when the daytime telly legend visited Mongolia for ITV, Chris couldn't help but delight in the fact he fell flat on his face for live TV.

If that wasn't enough of a sight to behold the former Live And Kicking star only did it at the feet of a traditional Mongolian throat singer.

As you do...

Watch the moment it all went down and see the aftermath with Andi above.

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Watch Andi Peters' trying to get his head around how podcasts work:

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