Vernon Kay reveals I’m A Celeb's secret smoking room before trials

20 April 2021, 14:50

Vernon Kay reveals I'm A Celeb secrets

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The TV presenter appeared on The Chris Moyles Show and divulged what happened behind the scenes during trials on the celebrity reality contest.

Vernon Kay has revealed some secrets about his time on I'm A Celeb.

The presenter featured on The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about everything from his new game show to his time spent on the celebrity reality contest.

Asked by Chris Moyles if there's anything about the show we don't know about, Vernon revealed how they were carted off in buggies to do trials and that terrified celebrities would vape and smoke in a waiting room to calm their nerves.

The Game of Talents host revealed: "We were driven in separate buggies down to the trial area, sat in a waiting room til they got ready because Ant and Dec had some pre-records to do at the end of the show. So it takes about an hour and a half and they say 'right, come on in' and then you do it. But the arena where all those trials were built was unbelievable, Chris. It was like the best wacky warehouse I’ve ever seen."

He added: "You know, there was a lot of vaping and a lot of cigarettes for all the smokers in that room. But the best thing about that was, we were drinking campfire water [in the camp]. So we were boiling water on the campfire and it tasted a bit smoky, it tasted rotten. But when you went and did a trial, they left loads of water behind the caravan that you were in. I think it was Shane [Richie] that discovered it, he went 'when you go down there, behind caravan number one, there’s a massive bowl of fresh water'.

"So we would nip off [and say] 'oh I just need a wee!' We’d nip off, pretend we were going to the toilet, fill our canteens up with this fresh water and then go back in.

Reflecting on the whole experience the 46-year-old TV presenter gushed: "I honestly had a blast, and anyone who gets asked to do it, I would say to them now ‘don’t hesitate’. Yeah, it’s awful, as in the cockroaches, creepy crawlies, spiders and snakes and all that palaver, but as an experience it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever had in telly."

Game of Talents continues next Saturday 24 April on ITV.

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