Here's what happened last time Chris Moyles played Car Roulette!

27 May 2021, 08:00

WATCH: Car Roulette

Car Roulette is back on The Chris Moyles Show, kicking off from 6.30am this Friday, 28 May. But how does it actually work?

Here's what happened last time we played the game: we built a Car Routlette wheel on a top secret racing test track, which was 40 metres in diameter, made up of 37 segments.

Each segment was assigned to one listener. Instead of a ball, Dominic Byrne had to drive a car around the track. But how did he pick a number?

The car was filled with a small amount of petrol, and when it runs out of fuel whatever number it stops on is the listener who will win the prize!

Here's how Dom picked the position he was going to start from:

Chris Moyles | Where will we start Car Roulette?

For the full rules, plus all the terms and conditions, click here!

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