Pippa has quite a dilemma when it comes to choosing her birthday present

8 December 2021, 16:06

Pippa's birthday presents are amazing

The Chris Moyles Show team have come up with a fantastic selection of gifts for Pippa's birthday... but which one will she possibly pick?

It's Pippa Taylor's birthday this week, so as usual the rest of the Chris Moyles Show team have got together to present a wonderful selection of gifts.

She could be heading to Liverpool at the weekend to watch the boxing with Josh Warrington... enjoy a day of extensive crane operating with an expert... or even go carp fishing tonight with her future father-in-law Chris Tarrant!

Will Pippa take all these great opportunities or take the final, not-very-good gift that Chris has on offer? You'll have to watch the clip to find out.

Pippa Taylor's Craptic Birthdays book
Pippa Taylor's Craptic Birthdays book. Picture: Instagram

Meanwhile if you or a close family member or beloved friend have a birthday coming up soon, the perfect gift is Pippa Taylor's brand new book, Craptic Birthdays!

Find out how to get your hands on a copy here

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