Johnny Vegas tells Chris Moyles: "I've not missed my proper job"

7 June 2020, 07:00 | Updated: 7 June 2020, 07:01

Johnny Vegas talks to The Chris Moyles Show

The comedian spoke to The Chris Moyles Show about life in lockdown and why he's helping to raise money for good causes.

This week Chris Moyles had the pleasure of speaking to Johnny Vegas live from his home.

Like many celebs , the comedian appeared on a video call to talk to the Radio X presenter about everything from his life in lockdown to how he's joining a host of celebrities to do his bit for good causes.

Asked about how he's adapted to the change of pace during the pandemic, the comedian told Chris Moyles "I've not missed the job. You know my proper job? I've gone back to basics. I've kind of gone feral".

Johnny Vegas talks to The Chris Moyles Show
Johnny Vegas talks to The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

Speaking about Hope The Rainbow Fairy - a picture book which he's lent his voice to alongside the likes of Gok Wan, Anna Friel and Alan Carr - to raise funds for NHS Charities Together, the 49-year-old said: "It's time on your hands isn't it, and it's simple stuff to do if you can help out".

He added: "It's a strange time because everybody's asking for money when nobody's got any [...] but charities have had to be more creative".

The book, which has been created by The Rainnbow Project, helps children understand lockdown and the pandemic, and is available to buy here.

Watch our interview with the comedian above.

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