James has a twin and it's absolutely priceless

21 April 2021, 14:13

Is James ACTUALLY a man-child?!🤣

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By Radio X

A fan of The Chris Moyles Show noticed that James wears the same coat as her six-year-old son George and sent him some added extras.

This week on The Chris Moyles Show, a listener named Emma wrote into Dom's Letters over her son's uncanny resemblance to James.

It turns out that 6-year-old George has a red coat that looks really similar to The Chris Moyles Show producer, which gave Chris and the team even more reason to tease him for his school boy qualities.

Well, thanks to Emma, things got even more uncanny as she provided James with a matching Superman hat and very similar gloves to those worn by George.

It just took some glasses and a mug to complete the look, which had Chris and the team howling in the studio.

Watch young James become young George in our video above.

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