James gets pranked with Tabasco jam sandwiches

22 May 2021, 08:00


Radio X

By Radio X

Chris Moyles and the team went back to the pub for an indoor pint, but James had to fulfil his charity bet of eating 10 jam sandwiches.

The Chris Moyles Show team were back causing havoc in their favourite place; the pub!

James promised to fulfil his side of a long standing bet and eat 10 jam sandwiches as the team drank 10 pints.

The producer thought he was being clever by cutting of the crusts and making the sandwiches as small as possible, but Chris wasn't going to let him get off that easily. Enter Pippa with a handy bottle of tabasco sauce.

Find out what went down in our video above.

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James gets pranked with sabotaged jam sandwiches
James gets pranked with sabotaged jam sandwiches. Picture: Radio X

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