James and his girlfriend played the best trick on a noisy train passenger playing loud music

7 January 2019, 15:43 | Updated: 7 January 2019, 16:29

Watch James tell Chris Moyles and the team about their ingenious plan to stop a noisy commuter playing loud music.

We've all been on a busy train or bus and had our journey ruined by someone playing loud music without their headphones in.

But when it happened to James and his girlfriend Chelsea recently, their unsociable fellow passenger went one step further and had music blaring out of a bluetooth speaker.

When James, Chelsea and several others asked him nicely to turn his music off, his response was that it wasn't the quiet coach.

Undeterred, Chelsea hatched a plan to interrupt the rude music-lover's public listening session by using his own bluetooth technology against him!

Watch our video to find out what happened next...

James's girlfriend Chelsea intercepts a commuter's bluetooth
James's girlfriend Chelsea intercepts a commuter's bluetooth. Picture: Twitter/Chchchchelsea

We know what you're thinking... absolutely GENIUS.

James is on to a keeper there... which is just as well since he was bought a very important guide on how to be a husband for Christmas.

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