WATCH: Chris Moyles invades Smooth Radio

22 September 2015, 08:28 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:46

For the brand new Radio X show, Pippa bought (from eBay) a giant wheel of fortune. And we mean giant.

What's the idea? Radio X broadcasts from the Global building in London's Leicester Square, alongside other radio stations like Capital, Classic, Heart and LBC... So why not put each of the stations onto the GIANT WHEEL OF RADIO FORTUNE, give it a spin and whichever brand it lands on, Chris has to head off to their studio and "interfere" with them?

Today's "victim" is Smooth - on air at the same moment is TV personality and tennis hero Andrew Castle. How will he react? What will transpire? Will Radio X be taken off the air. Watch and find out.