WATCH: Chris Moyles finds out where he's driving the Prize Dump!

3 September 2020, 15:40 | Updated: 3 September 2020, 16:00

Prize Dump On Your Doorstep! Where's Chris off to today?!

A lucky listener won a van load of prizes on The Chris Moyles Show today, but where did they have to drive to? Find out here.

Lucky listener Callum won a van of prizes this Thursday with The Chris Moyles Show Prize Dump competition.

The competition winner, who was spot on with the answer to our music question, was asked to keep very tight-lipped about which part of the UK he happened to be living in.

Chris Moyles - who was tasked with driving the van load of booty up or down to the winner was hoping for a VERY short drive, but did his wish come true?

Relive the moment we found out live on-air just how far away Callum lived!

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Remind yourself of the time James found out he was driving to the Isle of Wight!

The team find out where James is driving the Prize Dump!

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