Dom tried on a spandex suit and someone hid his jeans

19 May 2021, 17:17

As Dom tried on his new spandex suit, somebody hid his jeans🤣

Radio X

By Radio X

This week saw Dom try on a spandex racing suit.... but he made the mistake of leaving his jeans unattended with Chris and the team.

Avid listeners of The Chris Moyles Show will know that Chris and the team absolutely love to prank Dom.

So when the newsreader took off his jeans to try on an ultra tight spandex racing suit this morning, they just had to go for a little walkabout.

Watch the moment Dom realises he's been caught without his trousers down live on air!

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Chris Moyles hides Dom's jeans
Chris Moyles hides Dom's jeans. Picture: Radio X

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