When Dom fell for Chris Moyles' U2 prank

27 April 2021, 17:55

Radio X

By Radio X

It's time for another OLD but GOLD moment when Chris Moyles and the team pranked Dom with a special U2 white vinyl picture disc.

This time three years ago Chris played yet ANOTHER U2-based prank on Dom and he fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Back in 2018,The Chris Moyles Show got sent in a limited edition 12 inch picture disc vinyl of U2's Lights Of Home track, which was released especially for Record Store Day.

Naturally, Dom's eyes lit up thinking he'd be a shoo-in to receive the nice bit of swag from the Irish band.

Unfortunately, Chris and Pippa had other plans and decided to stitch him right up by making him think she was going to give the record to Toby's Uncle instead.

Somehow they knew Dom would suggest an ultimate U2 trivia quiz and, when Pippa said she'd step in in the absence of Toby's fake relative, Dom thought he had it in the bag. Little did he know what was about to happen next...

Relive the moment in our OLD but GOLD video above.

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Dom falls for The Chris Moyles Show U2 prank
Dom falls for The Chris Moyles Show U2 prank. Picture: Radio X

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