VIDEO: Chris Moyles speaks to the cover star from Arctic Monkeys' debut single

13 February 2019, 11:46 | Updated: 13 February 2019, 11:48

Watch Moyles talk to mystery guest Jessie May, who featured on the Sheffield band's I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor single.

This week's mystery guest on The Chris Moyles Show was real indie royalty, as Chris was introduced to Jessie May, the girl who was on the cover Arctic Monkeys' debut single.

In ordinary circumstances, Jessie might have got in trouble with her mum for "drinking in Liverpool when she shouldn't have been" at just 16, but her naughty caper led to her being on one of the most famous covers of the noughties... And her mum couldn't be prouder and even cried in HMV.

Watch her chat to Chris and the team about how she came to be on the artwork of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor in our video above.

Amazingly enough, it was shot in a SPAR in Liverpool, which was still open at the time, and though her uniform was fake, she was still being asked to serve!

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Previously speaking exclusively to Radio X, she revealed: "I first met the band at the Ritz in Manchester, at the time they were just typical 19, 20 year old lads winding me up and moaning at me for playing the single over and over again through their speakers because they were sick of hearing it."

The band may have been sick of hearing their own song by the end of 2006, but appearing on the artwork never gets old for Jessie.

Though she was only ever recognised by fans when she was 16, Jessie adds that the response to her "boss claim to fame" has only ever been "positive".

Watch Arctic Monkeys play I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2008:

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