Chris Tarrant opens up about taking in a Ukrainian family

4 May 2022, 15:21 | Updated: 4 May 2022, 15:36

Chris Tarrant has taken in a Ukrainian family

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Chris Tarrant visited The Chris Moyles Show this week to talk about his new book It's Not A Proper Job when talk turned to his houseguests.

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Friend of the show and all-round broadcasting legend Chris Tarrant popped by The Chris Moyles Show to talk about his illustrious career and his new memoir It's Not A Proper Job: Stories from 50 Years in TV.

It turns out that Tarrant isn't just a legend for being on our TV screens and airwaves for decades, but he's also done a very good deed by taking a Ukrainian family into his home.

When Moyles mentioned the act of kindness, which saw him and his wife open his home to a grandmother, mother and baby a month ago, Tarrant confirmed: "And they are so sweet."

Asked how it was all working out, he added: "Brilliant. I love them. I tell you what... It's a [grandmother] she speaks no English at all. Just keeps putting the thumbs up and saying, 'Safe'."

He added: "She's just so sweet. And the mum of the little girl. She's about 30 and she speaks good-ish English and the little girl just gurgles in Ukrainian I think, but she's 10 months old. Just about to walk."

"I'm obsessed with this kid," he went on. "I never particularly liked my own children as babies. I didn't. I like when they're about two and they they toddle about. Toby at that age was revolting. No change!

"But this little girl... you look at her and you go, God she's just running around my place, playing with her toys and having a normal little life, and you think what could have happened if she stayed behind".

He added: "So many people are trying to do it and they can't get through the red tape. It's a shambles!"

Chris Tarrant's It's Not A Proper Job: Stories from 50 Years in TV is out now.

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