Chris Moyles re-enacts Chris Tarrant's time in a Kenyan jail

2 December 2020, 17:39 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 11:24

The hot topic on The Chris Moyles Show today was Chris Tarrant's time in a jail cell and Moyles couldn't help imagine the scene.

This week on The Chris Moyles Show, Chris brought up Pippa's future father-in-law Chris Tarrant and his bizarre story about his time in a Kenyan jail cell.

It turns out that the British broadcaster was filming his new show in Kenya when him and his crew somehow landed themselves in jail.

It's fair to say Tarrant had a terrifying experience there, but Chris Moyles couldn't help but re-imagine it!

Watch him take on Chris Tarrant's sticky situation in our video above.

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