WATCH: Chris Moyles reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger & donkey Lulu in birthday video

28 April 2020, 15:33 | Updated: 28 April 2020, 16:33

The Hollywood A-Lister shared a a video of himself celebrating his pet donkey's 1st birthday and Chris Moyles had some thoughts about it.

Chris Moyles has reacted to Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest video from lockdown.

Arnie has been captivating his fans for the past two months, urging the public to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, while sharing videos of himself with his pet mini-horses Whiskey and Lulu.

Today marked his donkey Lulu's 1st birthday, and the Terminator icon celebrated it in style with another wacky video which saw him feed her some cake.

It wasn't just the visuals that had Chris Moyles interested though! It was the audio too. Watch Moyles react to the bizarre video above.

Chris Moyles reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest pony video
Chris Moyles reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest pony video. Picture: 1. Radio X 2. Twitter/Schwarzenegger

It's not the first time Chris has has reacted to one of Arnie's videos with his fluffy friends.

Find out what he thought about our first introduction to Whiskey and Lulu here:

While Moyles has had plenty to say about the Twins star, Arnie has also shared his thoughts on the Radio X DJ too.

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