Today's Oasis-themed mystery guest is an absolute legend

12 August 2021, 06:30

Brian Cannon, the mind behind the Oasis artwork!

Today's mystery guest Brian Cannon has talked about everything from coming up with the Oasis logo, to being behind some of their most famous album artworks.

This week saw us celebrate 25 years since Oasis played Knebworth, so The Chris Moyles Show had not one, but two mystery guests that were related to the Manchester band.

This time it was none other than Brian Cannon, the iconic creator of all of their 90s album artwork who stopped by for a chat to give us some gems about working with the band.

Not only did Cannon design the Oasis box logo and the artwork for the likes of Be Here Now and (What's The Story) Morning Glory?, but it's also his handwriting which features on the iconic Definitely Maybe artwork too!

Watch the legend speak to Chris Moyles in our video above.

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Brian Cannon was the Who Are You? guest on The Chris Moyles Show
Brian Cannon was the Who Are You? guest on The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

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