Boy George discusses fame and how his confidence has changed throughout his career

5 May 2022, 16:56

Boy George discusses the impact of fame

The Culture Club icon visited The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about his career and the pressures of fame.

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Boy George has joked about the pressures of fame and how he faked confidence at the start of his career.

The Karma Chameleon legend popped in to see Chris Moyles and the gang and he looked every bit the 80s Culture Club frontman we remember.

However, when Chris joked he simply wakes up in a full face of makeup, the artist replied: "That is the one palaver of being me. Obviously I didn't have to dress up today, but [...] I feel the there's a responsibility when you leave the house of [not] looking boring, 'cause people go, 'So nice to meet you. Are you really you?'."

Asked if he'd decide to never wear makeup if he started his career all over again, he revealed: "I have to be honest, I love wearing makeup. I love what it does to me. I kind of went through a faze where I was like, 'Get it over with.' No, but I always look at it and I go, obviously through a filter, 'My god, look how amazing I look'."

Quizzed if he ever had insecurities when he was starting out, despite being a trailblazer, he replied: "Young confidence was always a bit of a confidence trick.

"And even now confidence is just a bit accepting that you can't ever know what someone else is thinking, so why would you waste all your energy thinking 'So and so is thinking this, or thinking that.'

"Maybe they're not. You know, sometimes people look at you in the street and say hello because they're saying hello. They're not saying hello for any other reason and I think you have to go into the world trusting everyone, don't you?

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