Funny How? with Matt Morgan

6 January 2020, 10:57 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 15:16

Matt Morgan's Funny How?
Matt Morgan's Funny How? Picture: Radio X

Join Matt and his special guest as they attempt to work out what they find funny in life.

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Matt Morgan has spent years as Russell Brand’s writing partner and occasional co-host with Gordon Smart on Radio X…but now he’s had enough of making other people look funny and he’s going it alone with his new podcast Matt Morgan’s Funny How?

Matt is obsessed with what people find funny and why. In each episode he’ll be joined by a special guest to explore what tickle’s their pickle answering those all important questions such as "What does Noel Gallagher find funny about Vietnam War documentaries?" or "Does Jimmy Carr find his own laugh as disturbing as the rest of the world?"

It’s going to get a bit dark, more than a bit weird and sometimes you might even learn something useful as he enlists the help of celebrities and experts in a futile attempt to find out what makes you crack a smile.

Radio X Streaming with Laughter
Radio X Streaming with Laughter. Picture: Radio X

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