Class Dismissed! with Tom Houghton

6 January 2020, 11:59 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 15:20

Class Dismissed! with Tom Houghton
Class Dismissed! with Tom Houghton. Picture: Radio X

A podcast all about schools: good schools, bad schools, bad teachers and really bad teachers.

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Tom Houghton is posh…there’s no getting away from it. He lives in a posh place (the Tower of London) and he went to a very posh, elitist, all-boys boarding school.

After years of privilege and a private education that cost more than most people’s houses, he’s decided he needs to connect with the real world and find out more about how commoners were dragged up through the education system.

Class Dismissed! is a podcast all about schools. Good schools, bad schools, bad teachers and really bad teachers.

Each episode starts in detention with Tom playing the role of the unlucky supply teacher who’s looking after all the naughty kids. In this case, the naughty kid is our special guest who would start with a reason why they are in detention, with a suitable yet draconian punishment then given.

After this, the podcast explores all different aspects of what it was like going to school. Possible topics of discussion include weird teachers, strange punishments, school yard games, how the bullies bullied, school trips and whatever additional subjects have left our guests (and Tom) needing years of expensive therapy to correct.

Radio X Streaming with Laughter
Radio X Streaming with Laughter. Picture: Radio X

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