People are searching their name on Urban Dictionary and here's why...

24 November 2021, 11:21 | Updated: 24 November 2021, 11:24

A definition of Your Name in Urban dictionary
People are searching Urban Dictionary for their name meanings. Picture: Urban Dictionary

By Jenny Mensah

The cheeky website for modern definitions is trending. Find out why and how to find out what your name means.

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Urban Dictionary has been entertaining millennials since the late '90s with its gritty, entertaining and sometimes downright rude definitions for things.

Now, it seems to be trending for all the right reasons, because people are searching for the meanings of their names... and for the most part... the results are both clean AND complimentary.

Find out everything we know about the Urban Dictionary name trend and how to find out what your name means below.

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Why is Urban Dictionary trending?

Urban Dictionary is trending due to everyone searching the meaning of their names and then sharing them on Instagram and Twitter specifically.

The meanings seem to be unfathomably complimentary, which isn't generally much like Urban Dictionary's style...

The meaning of Jenny on Urban Dictionary
The meaning of Jenny on Urban Dictionary. Picture: Urban Dictionary

Take my name for instance. A definition of Jenny written in 2018 reads: "She is sweet and kind. Her beauty is natural and is also smart. She treats you well and wants you to be happy."

Another says: "Jenny is one of the coolest broke people you'll meet. She'll catch your eyes with hers, as they change from dark brown to black match her mood. Something just feels right about her straight hair that matches her eyes, and her heart of gold. She is a true beauty, though she never realizes it and dislikes her appearance."

I'll take that!

People from all walks of life of course couldn't help but share their humorously glowing name definitions, which you can see some of below:

Raina got a nice result.

As did Shawntae...

However, not everyone was so convinced:

And Jai's results weren't quite matching the trend...

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What is Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary is a an alternative dictionary helps define slang terms and colloquialisms and often include but are not excluded to terms of a sexual nature.

For example, Old school bossman's definition of Urban Dictionary itself states: "A great ideal initially, but its quality has drastically deteriorated year after year and continues to get worse. It was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham while he was a freshman computer science major. Shortly afterwords it became abused by mostly teenagers/dumbass children and to a lesser degree, mentally stunted adults."

A definition of Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary
A definition of Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary. Picture: Radio X

How do I find out what my name means on Urban Dictionary?

Simple! You just plug your name into their search box. Have fun!

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