UK poll reveals Brits' perfect Christmas dinner

25 December 2021, 12:00

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Brits have voted for their perfect Christmas dinner in a new poll. Picture: Rawpixel Ltd/Getty stock images

By Jenny Mensah

A new survey asked over 2,000 Brits picking the items they think most belong on their plates on Christmas Day.

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Brits have voted for their perfect Christmas dinner and the results were interesting.

A new survey, commissioned by Betfair Casino, polled 2,000 people and asked them to pick the items they felt most belonged on their plate on Christmas Day.

Unsurprisingly, roast potatoes came out on top, scoring 60% of the vote ahead of a traditional roast turkey, which was only chosen by 56% of participants.

Third and fourth on the list were gravy and stuffing, which scored 56% and 53% respectively.

Quite surprisingly, Brussels sprouts and carrots came just ahead of the festive favourite pigs in blankets on the list, with each being picked by 51% of people surveyed.

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Just over a quarter of Brits (29%) also want to see mashed potato on their plate this Christmas and there’s a clear North-South divide, with the foodstuff being a must-have in Northern Ireland (56%), Scotland (44%), Yorkshire and the Humber (44%) and the North East (37%) compared to those in Greater London (14%), the South East (17%) and the South West (23%).

Some participants had a few surprising additions to their Christmas dinner, which were anything but traditional. Of those surveyed, 5% selected garlic bread and chips to appear on their festive meal, while 4% of people picked baked beans. 

Participants were also asked to choose their favourite time to have the traditional meal, with the golden hour falling between 2-4pm.

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See the food items voted most crucial to a Christmas dinner:

  1. Roast potatoes 60%
  2. Turkey 56%
  3. Gravy 56%
  4. Stuffing 53%
  5. Brussel sprouts 51%
  6. Carrots 51%
  7. Pigs in blankets 51%
  8. Parsnips 42%
  9. Yorkshire pudding 38%
  10. Cranberry sauce 36%
  11. Broccoli 33%
  12. Peas 31%
  13. Mashed potatoes 29%
  14. Cauliflower 29%
  15. Beef 22%
  16. Chicken 20%
  17. Gammon 17%
  18. Bread sauce 16%
  19. Mint sauce 14%
  20. Apple sauce 14%
  21. Lamb 14%
  22. Sweet potatoes 12%
  23. Leeks 11%
  24. Sweet corn 9%
  25. Mustard 7%
  26. Cheese 7%
  27. Beetroot 6%
  28. Chips 5%
  29. Rice 5%
  30. Garlic bread 5%
  31. Tomato ketchup 4%
  32. Brown sauce 4%
  33. Mayonnaise 4%
  34. I don't know 4%
  35. No food items in particular belong in a Christmas dinner 4%
  36. Baked beans 4%
  37. Other 2%

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