Why are TikTok's Lawrence and Zak Jack feuding?

12 August 2021, 16:56 | Updated: 12 August 2021, 17:10

Zak Jack and Lawrence90 shared a joint statement on TikTok
Zak Jack and Lawrence90 shared a joint statement on TikTok about no longer being friends. Picture: TikTok/zakjackk

By Jenny Mensah

The TikTok influences have been trending due to their confusing feud, but new videos have since been released. Find out how it started and get their latest take on it.

TikTok is full of trends and phrases that we all find confusing, but nothing has had us more stumped than a feud which broke out between two influencers recently.

British TikTok-ers Lawrence (whose handle is @lawrencetiktok90) and Zak Jack (whose handle is @zakjackk) became friends on the platform at the start of the year, but now things seem to have turned very sour.

The reason at times seems to be multi-layered and confusing and trying to find out how it all began is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It's clear that the pair - who have 3.4 million and 106.3k followers respectively - are no longer friends, but why are Lawrence and Zak Jack feuding and how did it all begin? Find out in our explainer below and keep reading because the plot thickens.

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Why are Lawrence and Zak Jack feuding?

It all began when a drama TikTok account called Don't Hold Back (DHB) shared a live video in which they talked about TikTokers' "merch" and "lazy merch" and those who add Amazon wish lists to their bios. Lawrence, who includes both in his bio, saw the livestream and took it personally and came onto the live accusing DHB of bullying.

After this, Zak's mum Gale allegedly reached out to DHB and claimed that Lawrence is the bully and is "obsessive and controlling" over Zak and that his own family don't speak to him.

The controversy led to allegations and trolling for both Zak and Lawrence's camps. The pair took to TikTok to release a joint video statement rubbishing some of the claims and asking for privacy, but Zak has since released his own statement revealing his version of events.

What did Lawrence and Zak say in their joint video?

Taking to TikTok in a joint video, the estranged pair confirmed they were no longer friends but felt bullied into making a statement and clearing up false accusations. They also discussed the "breach of confidentiality" which involved the videos going up without either of their family members' permission.

Lawrence began: "So as you are aware, there have been videos and rumours going round about me and Zak today by a certain 'Don't Hold Back?'"

"As some of you are aware, me and Lawrence have fallen out. You'd know from us unfollowing each other and comments, stuff like that," added Zak. "We're not friends, but we just need to address this situation and clear some rumours."

Lawrence chimed in: "Now people fall out all the time, and you should be entitled to a private life.

He added: "Me and Zak fell out. We decided to no longer be friends. That's our choice. What was said on them messages was taken out of [context]".

Zak - who only joined TikTok in January and has since amassed over 100k followers - then said he had messaged the person who leaked the DMs several times asking them to be removed, but they have not listened.

However, this is not the end of the bizarre story...

What happened between Lawrence and Zak?

Lawrence and Zak released a joint video after ending their friendship asking for privacy, but soon after Zak released a stream of videos telling his side of the story and showing messages between them to explain why they are really no longer friends.

In his latest videos, Zak shared numerous screenshots and photos which he believed settled the score once and for all about the allegations.

In two videos (one of which has now been deleted), Zak claimed that Lawrence gave him a card with money inside it the night they made their joint video.

In the now-deleted video, Zak also shared screenshots which suggested Lawrence had an obsessive friendship with him, that he blamed him for his drinking, assaulted Zak's father and smashed a car window, which led to injuries on his arm that he had to be hospitalised for.

He also showed messages, which he claims proves that Lawrence's own mother was aware of the incident and was there the night it happened. The screenshots also appear to show that Lawrence's mother, Lisa, has blocked him and doesn't want anything more to do with him and that his grandfather feels the same.

Watch Zak's video below:

The influencer concluded: "This is real proof and explanation of what has happened. You can believe it if you want. It's up to you, but the threats and the trolling and all of it has to stop. We are not the people we are being made out to be."

Soon after sharing the video with his "proof" of Lawrence's behaviour, he Zak has now appeared to take a break on social media.

Lawrence, however, is still posting about his weight-loss journey, sharing several videos close to the time of writing this article.

He also posted a video to share that he is still gaining followers after the controversy, while singing Yazz's 1988 hit, The Only Way Is Up.

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