McDonald's Monopoly 2021: Prizes and how to play

16 July 2021, 12:37 | Updated: 26 August 2021, 12:05

The McDonald's Monopoly game is back for 2021
The McDonald's Monopoly game is back for 2021. Picture: CoCo Jones / Alamy

By Jenny Mensah

The fast food chain has announced the return of their Monopoly game with a never-before-seen gold card twist. Find out when it starts.

McDonald's annual Monopoly competition was cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020.

This week, the fast food chain has announced that the game will return to UK restaurants this summer, but how do you play it and what are the prizes this year?

Find out what we know so far.

When will the 2021 McDonald's Monopoly game start?

The 2021 McDonald's Monopoly game will start on Wednesday 25 August.

How do you play?

The McDonald's Monopoly game usually asks customers to peel off stickers from items of the menu in the hopes of collecting sets and winning prizes.

Each sticker or game piece represents a tile on the real-life Monopoly board. Just like real Monopoly, each piece is colour-co-ordinated and corresponds to other road names. Each tile may offer a free drink or food item, but when you collect a set you get a prize.

You can pick up a McDonald's Monopoly board for free in restaurants or play online.

According to The Sun, the dates should be ignored on the pieces this year, as they are being reused from 2020.

What are the prizes this year?

The prizes range from free food and drink, which usually come in the form of instant stickers to much more glamorous prizes, which include anything from a cash prize to a car or luxury holiday. However, the new prize that has set tongues wagging this year is the McDonald's Gold Card.

2019 saw customers win the likes of a £2,000 holiday, a PS4, a £50 Boohoo voucher. The top prize was £100,000.

What is the McDonald's Gold Card?

The Gold Card is thought to be a take on the Nando's Black Card, which enables special diners to shop for a free. The chain themselves tweeted: "Gold is the new black. #McDonaldsVIP."

According to reports, the card will give 1,000 lucky winners a free McDonald's meal every week for a whole year.

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