Emergency Contraception To Be Made Available At UK Festivals

18 July 2018, 15:05 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 18:18

Couple kissing in tent at Glastonbury Festival
Couple kissing in tent at Glastonbury Festival. Picture: Getty Creative

According to reports, The Medicine Man pharmacy tent will be rolled out at selected festivals across Britain.

Emergency contraception is set to be made available to festival-goers this year.

As NME reports, a pharmacy tent named The Medicine Man will be hosted at music events across the UK offering advice and help to those that have had unprotected sex.

The tent - which will have a presence at this year's Bestival, RiZe and Leeds Festival - will offer a range of choices, which including the morning after pill and preventative measure ellaOne.

The Medicine Man will also treat and provide advice to festival goers for any other mild medical concerns.

Watch this loved-up couple get engaged at Glastonbury Festival 2017 during Courteeners' set:

The tent will no doubt come in handy as a recent study found music lovers most likely to cop off with someone at Wireless and Bestival.

Research, which was undertaken by SpaSeekers, polled 500 festival-goers around the nation to rank the most popular music events in terms of filthiness, amount of sleep and sexual activity.

The festivals, which take place in London and Dorset respectively came in at first and second place, with a total score of 58 of 58.3% and 58% respectively.

Scores were based on the combined percentage of pollers who were asked two questions; If they had kissed someone at a festival who wasn't their partner, and if they had sex with someone who wasn't their partner.

62% of the surveys' participants who went to Bestival admitted to kissing someone who wasn't their other half, while 64% of participants who went to Wireless said the same.

Despite Wireless only being a day festival, 53% of participants who attended the event revealed they'd had sex with someone who wasn't their partner, while 54% of participants said the same of Bestival.

Also in the rankings were Parklife, Latitude and Creamfields, who came in at third, fourth and fifth place respectively.