Songs And Bands That Repeat Themselves

Cloned Man

3 June is National Repeat Day. We said, 3 June is National Repeat Day. Here are a selection of some of our favourite repetitious songs and band names.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

Karen O and her New York crew don't know when to put a brake on those yeahs. Here's an underrated track.

The Vaccines – Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

Ra ra ra! It's The Vaccines.

Hot Chip – Over And Over

Like, as the song says, a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

Josh Homme didn't spend too much time on these lyrics.

Everything Everything – Cough Cough

Repetitious name, repetitious song title. Pardon us.

The Wonder Stuff - No For The 13th Time

A 1980s classic, in which Miles Hunt presses his point home.

Django Django – Default

From the Everything Everything school of band names.

Hot Hot Heat – Bandages

Canadian popsters who were a bit warm.