Peter Hook on New Order: "We’re still arguing like love-struck teenagers"

22 December 2020, 15:43 | Updated: 22 December 2020, 17:18

Kendal Calling 2018
Kendal Calling 2018. Picture: Carla Speight/Getty Images

The Joy Division and New Order co-founder has opened up about his relationship with the band and why he doesn't miss them.

Peter Hook has compared his relationship with New Order to that of "love-struck teenagers," but maintains he doesn't miss being in the band.

The co-founder of Joy Division and New Order has spoken about his time in both bands, and explained why he thinks Joy Division's music seems to gain more popularity with time.

"Joy Division of course has that perfect rock 'n' roll very sad ending," he told the BritPopCast. "Which of course immortalises us all in a way.

"We are immortal in the music. Obviously we aged.... badly, but it has that almost fairytale rock ’n’ roll ending and I feel people pick up on that, the way they always will in the same way they do with The Doors, Kurt Cobain..."

He added: “Luckily we managed to swerve it, went on to New Order and now spend all our time sending each other legal letters

“I can’t believe it. I think I worked out that New Order split about 17 years ago and we’re still arguing like love-struck teenagers. It’s very interesting. Very weird."

Listen to the podcast episode here:

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Asked if there were days he misses being in the band, he said: "I don’t miss being in New Order, mate. No."

However, the Love Will Tear Us Apart bassist did admit that going it solo is much more boring.

"Thing is, there are times when I miss being in a group because of the dynamic," he explained. "You know, the way that a group works and the way that a group looks towards the future and does the sign posts and things like that.

"So I do miss that. With me being on my own… It’s the most boring thing in the world doing it on your own."

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