What Does Johnny Marr Think Of Smiths Tribute Bands?

29 September 2018, 20:00 | Updated: 29 September 2018, 20:01

The Smiths guitarist has revealed that he finds the tribute “incredibly flattering”… but has one question he needs answering.

Radio X recently played host to An Evening Of Conversation With Johnny Marr, in which the legendary guitarist chatted about his life, music and career.

One question that came up from a member of the audience concerned the Smiths tribute bands that currently make their way across the UK and beyond.

Marr replied: “I’ve seen bits of them online, but I’ve never been to a gig - that would be VERY weird.”

He admitted that his daughter had mysteriously ended up at a tribute show, but acknowledged the commitment the musicians have to replicating the songs of the classic Manchester band.

"This Charming Man" LIVE by Sweet and Tender Hooligans

He went on: “Good on ‘em, they’re obviously very dedicated. It’s incredibly flattering, it’s a great… well, tribute.

“Both the bands - The Smyths and Sweet And Tender Hooligans - I know are pretty good, because they’ve actually been together longer than the real Smiths!”

Johnny Marr had one negative point, however: “The guy never looks like me!”

When someone pointed out that one of the tribute “Johnny Marrs” didn’t have the same luxurious head of hair that the original Marr has, he replied: “I do get a bit of that - do you wear a wig? We’re all bald, yeah, that’s the thing! They know something nobody else does!”

The Smyths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths) at 100 Club, London 28.07.17

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