The best lyrics by The Cure

13 October 2019, 19:00 | Updated: 13 October 2019, 19:01

Robert Smith of The Cure in 1996
Robert Smith of The Cure in 1996. Picture: Herbie Knott/Shutterstock

With Robert Smith claiming to be releasing three albums in the near future, let's have a look back at some of his finest couplets.

Robert Smith is the songwriting mastermind behind The Cure. Since 1978, he's been carving a unique niche in British music. Radio X takes a look at some of his most memorable lyrics.

  1. "I've waited hours for this I've made myself so sick / I wish I'd stayed asleep today / I never thought that this day would end / I never thought that tonight could ever be this close to me."

    Close To Me (from The Head On The Door, 1985)

  2. "Spinning on that dizzy edge I kissed her face and kissed her head / And dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow / 'Why are you so far away?' she said / 'Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you?'"

    Just Like Heaven (from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, 1987)

  3. "However far away I will always love you / However long I stay I will always love you / Whatever words I say I will always love you."

    Lovesong (from Disintegration, 1989)

  4. "We should have each other for dinner / We should have each other with cream / Then curl up by the fire / Get up for awhile / It's the grooviest thing / It's the perfect dream."

    The Love Cats (single, 1983)

  5. “Dressed up to the eyes / It’s a wonderful surprise / To see your shoes and your spirits rise.”

    Friday I'm In Love (from Wish, 1992)

  6. "I would do most anything / To get you back by my side / But I just keep on laughing / Hiding the tears in my eyes / 'Cause boys don't cry."

    Boys Don't Cry (single, 1979)

  7. "If only I'd thought of the right words, I could have held on to your heart / If only I'd thought of the right words, I wouldn't be breaking apart all my pictures of you."

    Pictures Of You (from Disintegration, 1989)

  8. "Yesterday I got so old I felt like I could die / Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry."

    In Between Days (from The Head On The Door, 1985)

  9. "It doesn't matter if we all die / Ambition in the back of a black car / In a high building there is so much to do / Going home time / Story on the radio."

    One Hundred Years (from Pornography, 1982)

  10. "I used to sometimes try to catch her / But never even caught her name."

    Catch (from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, 1987)