Bassist Simon Gallup confirms he's still a member of The Cure

15 October 2021, 13:19

Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure
Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure. Picture: Jason Richardson / Michael Tubi / Alamy Stock Photo

After announcing he'd left in August, the musician confirms he's still a member of the legendary British band.

Simon Gallup has confirmed he's still a member of The Cure - despite claiming he'd left the group two months ago.

The bassist caused much speculation when in a now-deleted Facebook post on 14 August, Gallup said: "With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of The Cure. Good luck to them all."

He added: "I'm OK... just got fed up of betrayal."

Now, in a response to a query from a fan, Gallup says he's still a member of the band.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Gallup had started a new side project, called Alice Blue Gown.

On a Facebook post about the new project, one fan bit the bullet and asked: "Is Simon still a member of The Cure?"

Gallup replied: "Yes I am."

A Chain Of Flowers, the premier Cure fan site, confirmed that the Facebook account was officially Simon Gallup's.

Gallup has played on many of The Cure's most iconic tracks, including In Between Days, Pictures Of You and Friday I'm In Love.

Gallup first joined The Cure in November 1979 and has been with the band ever since - apart from a period between 1982 and 1985 when he left the group due to a disagreement with frontman Robert Smith.

The Cure in May 1987 with Simon Gallup far left
The Cure in May 1987 with Simon Gallup far left. Picture: Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The bassist also took a break from The Cure in 1994 when the band were on hiatus after becoming entangled in legal issues with another member, Lol Tolhurst, in a case over royalties.

Gallup returned for 1996's Wild Mood Swings and has performed with the band ever since.

There has been no commented on the news from Robert Smith or any of The Cure's official accounts, leading to fears that there would be another delay to the release of the band's long-awaited fourteenth album.

The Cure - Burn (Glastonbury 2019)

It's now 13 years since the last Cure album, 2008's 4:13 Dream. Smith has claimed that new material has been completed and that there are enough songs for two albums: "One of them’s very, very doom and gloom and the other one isn’t," he told Apple Music 1 in June.

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