Skunk Anansie's Skin: "We love the Gallaghers, but Damon Albarn always hated us"

4 September 2019, 21:24 | Updated: 4 September 2019, 21:26

Skunk Anansie's Skin and Blur's Damon Albarn
Skunk Anansie's Skin and Blur's Damon Albarn. Picture: Pacific Press/SIPA USA/PA Images & Christophe Gateau/DPA/PA Images

The Skunk Anansie frontwoman has looked back at their career in the 90s and revealed how they were told the Blur frontman didn't like them.

Skin has said that Damon Albarn "hated" Skunk Anansie in the 90s.

The Charlie Big Potato singer has looked back over the band's career, talked about their early beginnings and discussed whether she feels Britpop hampered their success.

Asked whether she had any run-ins with the two biggest bands of the era, Oasis or Blur, she told NME: “We love the Gallaghers, you know? Damon always hated us.”

When quizzed if the Blur frontman caused trouble for the band, the Hedonism rocker explained: "I wouldn’t say trouble but it’s not nice when you walk into an interview and the first thing you hear is that David Albarn doesn’t like you. I don’t know what his fucking problem was but it didn’t really matter in the end."

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Skin - whose real name is Debora Anne Dyer - isn't backwards about coming forwards and was quick to correct Stormzy when he claimed he was due to be the first black British artist to ever Glastonbury Festival.

Ahead of his historical set, the Shut Up rapper took to Twitter, writing: "I am the first black British artist to headline Glastonbury".

He added: "At 25 years old I am the second youngest solo act to ever headline Glastonbury, the youngest being a 24 year old David Bowie in 1971."

However, Skin responded to his claim with a comment on Instagram, which read: “Sorry Stormzy but we beat you to it in 1999! 20 years ago!”

She added: “And while we’re on topic, I was the first black Woman too! @beyonce.”

After the dust settled on Stormzy's historical performance, which saw him become the first black British rapper to headline the festival, he took to social media to correct himself, writing: "Skin from the band Skunk Anansie was actually the first black artist to headline glasto she done it with her band in 1999 no disrespect intended and MASSIVE salute to you - my apologies ! 📷 @skinskinny".

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