About Radio X

5 April 2022, 13:59 | Updated: 5 April 2022, 16:49

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About Radio X

With Chris Moyles at Breakfast, Johnny Vaughan at Drive, Toby Tarrant, Danny Wallace, Elspeth Pierce, John Kennedy, Adam Brown, Ed Gamble & Matthew Crosby, Radio X is home to the biggest personalities, and the best indie music on the dial.

Radio X is part of Global, home to some of the UK's biggest and best-loved radio stations such as Heart, Capital, Smooth and Classic FM, to name a few. We keep 25.8 million people entertained each week.

Programming Team

  • James Rea - Director Of Broadcasting & Content
  • Matt Deverson - Managing Editor
  • Dan Bunker - Deputy Managing Editor

Digital Team

  • Charles Ubaghs - Digital Content Director
  • Martin O'Gorman - Digital Managing Editor
  • Jenny Mensah - Senior Online Content Editor
  • Emily Horn - Senior Social Media Editor
  • Charlie Clinton - Senior Video Content Producer

Public File

Like every local commercial radio station in the UK Radio X has requirements in respect of its music, news and local content.

These requirements are set out in the station format issued by Ofcom, the UK’s radio regulator. The Radio X Public File contains details of the elements that Ofcom regulate and is intended to give you a better understanding of Radio X's output and what we are doing for the local community. 

Read the Radio X Public File

Global Media & Entertainment Ltd

Global is the UK’s largest commercial radio company and is home to the biggest names in the business.

Contacting Radio X

If you want to contact station staff or have an enquiry the Contact Us page has all the details you need.