VIDEO: Johnny Vaughan's Snack Time Formula Is Spot On

20 August 2018, 15:38 | Updated: 20 August 2018, 16:19

Johnny Vaughan came up with his Distance = Snack / Time formula, and the listeners got stuck in with their bitesized examples.

Johnny Vaughan’s mate Bluey is renting out a new pad, and it just so happens to be one Happy Meal away from McDonalds.

Well... he at least thinks that's how long it takes people to eat the child-friendly meal at the golden arches, because the toys always end up in his pal's garden.

This led Johnny to come up with the ingenious equation Distance = Snack / Time and he decided to test it out among our listeners, asking what snacks they have and how they measure them by the distance they travel.

One listener reckons Buxton is exactly two cans of beer away from Stockport on the train, while another thinks junction 26 on the M25 is exactly one packet of Frazzles way from junction 25.

Watch our video for more.

Snacking isn't the only thing Johnny knows a thing or two about either.

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