VIDEO: Man vs Food star Adam Richman tells Johnny Vaughan about eating 180 oysters

18 November 2019, 18:30 | Updated: 18 November 2019, 18:45

Johnny Vaughan interviewed the star about all things food and football, and revealed if the delicacy is really an aphrodisiac.

Adam Richman visited the Johnny Vaughan 4-7 Thang this week and talked all things football... and of course food.

Johnny Vaughan is a big fan of the culinary enthusiast and couldn't wait to ask him about the time he ate a whopping 180 oysters in 60 minutes.

Richman, who is a huge Tottenham Hotspurs fan, admitted of the seafood-eating challenge: "It put me off of eating oysters conservatively for over four years," but Johnny wanted to know the answer to one big question.

Are oysters - and specifically are 180 Oysters - an aphrodisiac?

Watch the Matchday Menus star tell all in our video above.

See the man himself smash the unbelievable challenge below:

Can Adam Eat 180 Oysters In 60 Minutes?! | Man v Food

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