When Kelly Jones taught Johnny Vaughan how to be a frontman...

3 June 2024, 15:29

Kelly Jones and Johnny Vaughan: How to be a frontman

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By Radio X

Watch the Stereophonics rocker talk to Johnny Vaughan about the art of being the frontman.

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones turns 50 years old today (3rd June), but do you remember when he sat down with Radio X's Johnny Vaughan to talk about what goes into being the lead singer of a band?

Back in 2019, JV was forging a second career as a rock star and was offered some invaluable advice from none other than the Welsh rocker.

Johnny Vaughan gets advice on how to be a frontman from Stereophonics' Kelly Jones
Johnny Vaughan gets advice on how to be a frontman from Stereophonics' Kelly Jones. Picture: Radio X

The presenter of the 4 Til 7 Thang and his band The Templetones had previously proved their rock 'n' roll credentials by recording their take on Ramones' Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, and giving it a twist with Sunta Is A Punk Rocker.

Their first outing was a successful one, but Johnny Vaughan still thought he needed a bit more know-how to become a fully fledged rock star.

Well who better to ask than friend of the show and Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones himself?

With almost three decades of experience under his belt, the musician imparted his wisdom on how exactly to be a frontman.

Watch our video of what went down in our video above.

See Kelly in his usual habitat as the frontman of the Stereophonics:

Stereophonics | C'est La Vie | The Global Awards 2020

Want to remind yourself of what happened when Johnny and The Templetones joined voices to play tribute to Sunta Templeton's love of music?

Watch their twist on The Ramones classic in our video:

Johnny Vaughan & The Templetones sing Sunta Is A Punk Rocker