VIDEO: James Nesbitt's story about meeting David Cameron at a festival toilet is priceless

14 February 2019, 22:20

Watch the Cold Feet star reveal how he met the former UK Prime Minister in the loo at Wilderness festival, and why it was a bit of a stinker.

James Nesbitt visited Gordon Smart and Matt Morgan this week, and told us about some of the most famous people he's bumped into in the bog.

After telling sharing his awesome story about how he met former Manchester United football player Paul Scholes and his son at the urinal in Moscow, the Cold Feet actor went on talk about meeting David Cameron in the bog at Wilderness festival.

They were very pleasant to each other at the time, until Cameron left the cubicle that is!

Watch our video above to find out just what he did.

James Nesbitt reveals how he pranked David Cameron at Wilderness Festival
James Nesbitt reveals how he pranked David Cameron at Wilderness Festival. Picture: Radio X

"I went to Wilderness, you know... that resolutely middle class festival," joked the Northern Irish actor. "I was wondering around and I was waiting to go to the toilet, into one of the cubicles and I waited there for quite a long time actually..."

He continued: "There was two big guys standing either side of me, and eventually the door opened and the former Prime Minister David Cameron came out.

"And I kinda did a little nod, and he looked a bit sheepish walking away. And I walked into the toilet and was like 'Oh my god!'"

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