Chris Moyles caught Andi Peters doing "plop plops" in Hollywood

10 February 2020, 17:01 | Updated: 10 February 2020, 17:06

The Chris Moyles Show called up the daytime TV legend live from Tinseltown, but he was otherwise engaged.

Last night was the biggest night of the showbiz calendar, so it's no surprise that friend of The Chris Moyles Show Andi Peters was out in Hollywood.

Chris and the team decided to schedule a live call to the former Live and Kicking presenter and all-round daytime telly legend, but they didn't think he'd be on the loo!

Watch the moment Andi Peters got caught doing what he calls a "plop plop" live on air.

We'd love to say it's the only embarrassing mishap we've had on the show with Andi... but of course we'd be lying!

Remind yourself of the time he fell on live TV in Mongolia:

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