WATCH: When Chris and Dom tried on TINY cycling gear...

4 February 2020, 17:21

Chris Moyles was sent in a fetching cycling top, and he just couldn't wait to get it on. Trouble was, he almost couldn't get it off!

Chris and Dom have worn some things in their time, but this was going to be quite the revelation.

The Chris Moyles Show was sent in a lovely bit of kit to cycle in last week, but it may have been best kept to the professionals.

Watch the moment they both squeezed into a cycling top, which was generously sent to them, in our video above.

Chris and Dom try on a tiny cycling top
Chris and Dom try on a tiny cycling top. Picture: Radio X

If you thought that was bad, remind yourself of the time Dom dressed up in a space suit in preparation to meet Tim Peake:

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