WATCH: Chris Moyles revisits Trump Steaks as the US president visits the UK

3 June 2019, 14:48

As the U.S. president undergoes his state visit to the UK, Chris Moyles looks back on one of Trump's most impassioned speeches.

This week sees Donald Trump make his official state visit to the UK.

The U.S. President might be a little divisive, but Chris Moyles couldn't help but notice what a great orator he was when it came to the all the tough topics out there.

So what was it that most caught Chris Moyles' attention, was it Trump's ideas on Brexit or the Northern Irish backstop?

Oh no... it was an old advert of him selling steak.

Watch our video above.

Bryan Cranston appeared on The Chris Moyles Show and had a lot to say about the POTUS.

Watch our video here to find out why:

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