WATCH: Chris Moyles found footage of a very young Toby Tarrant and it's gold

8 June 2020, 19:35 | Updated: 8 June 2020, 19:44

The Chris Moyles Show played a throwback clip of a five-year-old Toby sick in bed with chickenpox, and it's the best thing ever.

There's nothing Chris Moyles loves more than a trip down memory lane with some of his colleagues, so when he found this footage of Toby making a TV appearance as a child, he just had to celebrate.

Chris Tarrant was having the honour of looking over his esteemed broadcasting career in This Is Your Life, but poor little Toby was sick in bed with chickenpox.

Luckily, the five-year-old future Radio X presenter was just well enough to appear via video link to say hello to his dad, and Moyles just can't get enough of it!

Watch a teeny Toby in action in our video above.

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