VIDEO: It's Pippa & Toby's Anniversary, But How Didn't We Guess They Were Dating?

25 July 2018, 11:56

The lovebirds took a trip down memory lane with Chris and remembered when they first started seeing each other.

Chris decided to get to the bottom of exactly what was going on when Toby and Pippa started dating.

Embarrassingly enough, it turns out it all kicked off right around the time Matt organised a date for Toby and a listener none the wiser.


Watch them remember the good times here.

Just in case you don't remember it, things got pretty steamy when the pair played a game of Mexican Sock Off.

Watch it here:

Oh, and then there's the time the pair decided to get toby's bum tattooed live on-air! And Pippa was the one who did it.

How did we not know they were dating?

Here's to another year guys!

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