When Pippa hid in a doorway for X-mas Marks The Spot...

24 December 2018, 14:06 | Updated: 24 December 2018, 14:21

Pippa hid in a secret location for our X Marks The Spot Christmas special. Find out what happened here...

Last week, The Chris Moyles Show took part in an Marks the Spot Christmas special and sent Pippa off to hide near some bins and hide a mobile in a secret location somewhere in the UK.

The first person to find the phone - which was hidden in a Tupperware box with an X on it - would win £1000 so the stakes were very high.

Pippa hid in a doorway for X marks the spot
Pippa hid in a doorway for X marks the spot. Picture: Radio X

Too bad most people were looking for Pippa and not the phone!

Found out what happened and who won the prize in our video above.