VIDEO: Pippa Calls From Bali And She's Already Met Some Locals

20 August 2018, 15:03

Pippa is in Bali while Toby heads to a stag do, and she's been driving herself slightly bonkers already.

Pippa and Toby are both on the Indonesian Island of Bali.

While Toby looks after 40 men (yes, we really said 40) on a stag do, Pippa is preparing to attend her friend's wedding.

So far she's had to spend a whole day in her own company, which means plenty of time to talk to herself, and get convinced into buying jewellery she doesn't need or want from a local man the beach.

Watch our video above and find out what she's been up to so far.

Let's just hope she doesn't invite room service in out of boredom!

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