VIDEO: Chris Moyles is having kittens about getting kittens!

3 December 2019, 06:30 | Updated: 3 December 2019, 06:31

The Radio X DJ took a trip to the pet superstore to prepare for his fluffy bundles of joy to the family, but he's absolutely petrified.

It looks like Chris Moyles is set to get some kittens in 2020 and he's NOT looking forward to it.

His partner has been wanting feline friends for over year, and the Radio X DJ has managed to avoid it... until now.

The pair went off to a pet superstore this weekend to buy everything they needed to welcome their fluffy friends in the new year, but it only made Chris even more scared about becoming a new dad.

But according to Chris, if the responsibility of becoming a cat owner doesn't drive him up the wall, his girlfriend talking to animals in baby voice will!

Watch him in our video above.

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