The team prank Sam on Make Some Noise Day

8 October 2021, 13:40 | Updated: 8 October 2021, 13:41

Sam gets pranked on Global's Make Some Noise Day

The entire Chris Moyles Show team are heading into work in fancy dress for Radio X's charity day... or so they've told Sam.

Friday 8 October is Global's Make Some Noise Day, when the entire company dresses LOUD to raise money for small charities that make a big difference.

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Here at Radio X, we mark the day by all wearing our favourite band t-shirts.

However, Chris Moyles and the team have told video producer Sam that everyone will be wearing full-on fancy dress for the whole show. Except they won't.

Meaning Sam is the only one to have gone out and bought an outfit. And it's a classic - as you can see from the video.

How long will it be before the penny drops that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ELSE is wearing fancy dress?

Save Sam from his embarrassment and donate to our amazing charity won't you? Please leave a message of support for "Scouse" Sam. THANK YOU.

You can donate to Global's Make Some Noise here

Global's Make Some Noise 2021
Global's Make Some Noise 2021. Picture: Global

Global’s Make Some Noise is Radio X’s very own charity, raising money to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the UK. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, feel well, feel included and feel prepared. That’s why we work across four key areas: providing shelter and safety, supporting physical and mental health, preventing isolation and improving life skills.

A huge thank you for supporting Global’s Make Some Noise.

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