The moment Chris and Dom discovered where the final Prize Dump winner lives...

7 February 2020, 06:00 | Updated: 7 February 2020, 06:01

Alex has won a brand new Mini Cooper full of prizes.. And Chris and Dom are on their way to drop them off!

For the past few weeks on The Chris Moyles Show, we've been giving one lucky listener the chance to win a van full of prizes.

In Week 1, the winner lived in Chelmsford, Essex. In Week 2, they lived on the Isle Of Wight, meaning James had to go on a ferry for the first time. In Week 3, Matt and Pippa had to drive to Spalding in Lincolnshire.

For the final week of The Chris Moyles Show Prize Dump On Your Doorstep, the man himself agreed to deliver the goods.

That's right, Chris and Dom prepared to travel to the winner's house to deposit a stack of prizes that included a new LG 50" TV, an Apple iPhone 11, an X-Box, an Amazon Echo a Dyson hair dryer, an iPad... and a whole lot more.

But here's the difference: not only did Chris and Dom agree to deliver the prizes, but they were also going to be driving to the winners' house in brand spanking new Mini Cooper Classic, three-door hatchback car... which the winner will ALSO get to keep!

The lines were closed. The randomly selected winner was called... a legendary footballer walked by for no real reason.

See what happened next. How far will they have to drive? How many times will Chris stall the car? We'll have an update tomorrow!

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