Lee Mack secures Chris Moyles' £1k Soccer Aid pledge after Chesney Hawkes entrance music dare

7 September 2020, 17:20

The Radio X DJ vowed to make the charity donation if Lee Mack walked on to Chesney Hawkes' I Am The One And Only.

Lee Mack has helped raise even more money for Soccer Aid for Unicef this year, thanks to a dare from Chris Moyles.

The Not Going Out star spoke to the The Chris Moyles Show ahead of his stint on the charity football match this weekend, and the Radio X DJ dared him to walk on to dramatic music for extra funds.

Vowing to donate £1,000 towards the charity, rich raises awareness and funds for Unicef, Moyles batted around a few ideas for the comedian's walk on music before finally settling Chesney Hawkes' hit I Am The One And Only.

Sure enough, the TV funny man stuck to his word and came out to the 1991 track, securing the extra funds for the charity game.

Lee Mack fulfils Chris Moyles Soccer Aid entrance dare and secures his £1K donation
Lee Mack fulfils Chris Moyles Soccer Aid entrance dare and secures his £1K donation. Picture: 1. John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images 2. Radio X

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The Chris Moyles Show played back the moment Lee Mack came onto the pitch wearing a number 999 shirt this morning (Monday 7 September) and joked that his partner may have been a little bit taken aback at the pledge.

He recalled: "So we're sitting on the sofa watching it and as you heard Clive (Tyldesley) there going 'yeah so Soccer Aid's a thousand pound better off now' I just feel a look from Tiff on the sofa next to me.

"She didn't say a word but I could feel every bone in my body was feeling her thinking 'A thousand pounds? A thousand pounds? We could do with a new bathroom and you're spending a thousand pounds?!"

Re-live the moment Chris Moyles dared Lee Mack to walk on to the track last week:

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