WATCH: Pippa & Toby doing the conga with Chris Tarrant is the best thing ever

15 October 2019, 04:30 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 04:31

The pair went for family drinks for Toby's dad's birthday, and things got pretty wild.

This weekend saw the Tarrants get their party hats on to celebrate Chris Tarrant's birthday.

The TV and Radio legend turned 73 last week, so surely he had a quiet and respectful meal fitting for his status and standing?

Well, actually things were a LOT more raucous than that, and Toby and Pippa joined the event, which saw them dancing to Tom Jones and conga-ing out the door.

Watch the clip of their night in our video above.

Remind yourself of what Pippa and Toby's imaginary child sounds like:

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