Pippa's rock star moment got cut hilariously short

19 February 2019, 04:30 | Updated: 19 February 2019, 04:31

The Chris Moyles Show got out their leaf blower again, but this time it failed to have the desired effect.

This morning on The Chris Moyles Show, the team got out their leaf blower to give Pippa a rock star moment.

Everything was going so well. The wind was in her hair, Michael Jackson's Earth Song was on in the background and Pippa was looking epic.

But like most things on a Monday Morning... it all fell a bit flat.

Watch our video above to see Pippa get the rock star treatment... for about five. seconds.

Pippa has a rock star moment with the leaf blower
Pippa has a rock star moment with the leaf blower. Picture: Radio X

If Pippa can't be a rockstar, then her mum Diane just might, as she's soon to be crowned the Mayor of Derbyshire.

We're being deadly serious.

Watch Pippa get the news live on The Chris Moyles Show in our video: